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​Magic Circle

Magic Circle provides services such as unified Identity Authentication access, compliant tokenization platform, fully-liquid digital assets marketplace and programmable value management for STO platform. Via tokenizing in a compliant way, real-world assets can realize its real liquidity and true value in a global base.

Magic Circle

About Magic Circle

Innovative solutions

Magic Circle provides innovative solutions and tools for digital securities issuers and investors, assisting companies in designing innovative STO offerings and developing easy-to-use investment tools for investors. Magic Circle provides global liquidity for digital securities in a compliant and convenient solution, and builds a global investor network for digital securities.


​What is Security Token Offering


Security tokens are regulated digital assets backed by real-life assets (e.g. stocks, bonds, real estate, art, private equity, or even cars).Via blockchain and smart contracts, features such as auto compliance, fractional ownership, free global explosure, and disintermediation are enabled to attain an incredible degree of liquidity.

Security Token Offering

Why Magic Circle

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Magic Circle Vedio

Magic Circle

Unlock The Market and Release Real Liquidity

Strategic Investor

SAIF Partners is a leading Asian private equity firm, currently managing over US$4 billion in capital.SAIF makes privately negotiated equity or equity-linked investments across several growth sectors.
Our Partners

CryptoFin Lab






​Polymath Network

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Coinstreet Partners

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Strategic Investor

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