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Magic Circle has three major functional modules, including blockchian-based identity verification, tokenization, and decentralized exchange. We can provide not only basic services such as investors KYC/AML/CTF check, accredited investors verification, digital assets management, assets auditing, but also advanced services including but not limited to open-source tokenization protocol, compatible ST smart contract template, portable assets. The mission of Magic Circle is to providing true liquidity.

Except the enhanced functions, Magic Circle will also be the platform integrating third party service providers, such as data services provider, legal institute, assets custody, which to large extent would further facilitate the compliance during the whole process.

Solution and Key Technologies


DID Plus

Generate DID, managing identity data; complete accredited investor one-time verification, login to third parties platforms without repeating verification process.

Decentralized identity based on Ethereum smart contract On-chain authorization KYC/AML whitelist



Provide tokenization solution for ST

issuance platform

Support ERC-1400 R-token, ST 20, other Security Token standards



24/7 decentralized ST exchange platform

Decentralized exchange based on 0x protocol

Auto order matching

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